5 smart tips for choosing the right Bali wedding venue

The Island of the Gods is said to be the best place to hold a wedding, given its enchanting natural heritage. Various Balinese villa weddings are also competing to offer the best offers and services to captivate the hearts of couples who want to continue to the ladder of marriage. Unfortunately, choosing a place to marry should not be done carelessly. Here are tips for choosing it.

Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venue Bali

1. Offer a number of marriage concepts

The main thing that should not be done in choosing a villa wedding in Bali is the many concepts offered. The more types of wedding concepts, indirectly you have more references to create the perfect wedding event. If possible, make sure that the location presents both modern and traditional concepts to make it easier to choose the right concept.

2. Able to Provide Satisfactory Service

It only happens once in a lifetime, couples in love with each other try to hold this happy event to the fullest without feeling disappointed. Therefore, choose The Surga Estate as the place to host your dream wedding. Not just choose, because this place is able to provide the best service that makes guests feel comfortable and satisfied.

3. Availability of complete and adequate facilities

Before choosing it to be the best Bali wedding villa, try to explore what facilities you can get when holding a wedding at that place. The more complete the facilities, the guaranteed that the wedding will run smoothly according to the schedule that has been made. When it comes to the best villa weddings with top class facilities, then The Surga Estate is the winner.

4. Adjusting to the Budget

There is no need to rush into a decision, because you also need to consider several other important things such as budget issues. It is true that marriage only lasts for life, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up some of your savings just for weddings. But there’s no need to worry, because The Surga Estate is ready to provide the best service at affordable prices.

5. Attractive Location and View

It is no secret that the Island of the Gods has a myriad of charming views, be it the coastline or the mountains. Therefore, choose a Bali villa wedding that carries the concept of marriage to your liking. If you want to tie a sacred vow with a backdrop of the high seas and decorated with charming decorations, then choosing The Surga Estate is the right choice.


The Surga Estate is a place to get married that is much sought after by couples who want to bind sacred vows for a lifetime on the Island of the Gods. Not without reason, because this wedding venue is right at the top of the Bukit Peninsula which is already famous for its natural beauty. The services provided are also very satisfying, because guests are spoiled with various facilities from the middle class. Do you also want to get married there?

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